Adelfa Espadrilles

Designed and produced bespoke handwoven silk fabric for a small collection of espadrilles with Adelfa, a company who work with traditional espadrille makers in Spain.


Reimagining Xiabu

‘Xia’ means summer -  a reference to the connection Xiabu cloth has with nature and the seasons.  I have always been interested in Chinese philosophy, in particular, theories relating to the elements and nature so I wanted my exploration and reinvention of Xiabu to reflect it’s rich cultural history and relationship to nature. 

This directed my research toward the I Ching or Yi Jing ‘book of changes’, an ancient Chinese divination text. Yi simply means ‘change’ and the I Ching is based on the patterns of the world.  Like Xiabu, it also has a lot of history and predates written texts. It seemed appropriate when reimagining Xiabu, to reference something that is a part of Chinese history but alludes to change.

Each woven fabric sample is based on a hexagram from the I Ching.  All of the colours used reference the elements used in the I Ching – Wind, fire, earth, lake, heaven, water, mountain and thunder.  

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